1.We offer pure metals , compounds and alloys. 我們提供純金屬、化合物和合金材料.

2.Have circular, rectangular and any special design. 提供圓形、矩形和任何特殊形狀.

3.Offer special composition and producing method as customer’s requirement. 配合客戶對靶材有特殊成分及製程方式的需求.


Sputtering target



Backing plate

Oxygen free, high conductivity (OFHC) copper is a common backing plate material. It has good electrical and thermal characteristics, is easy to machine and is readily available at economic prices

Types of bonds

Indium metal – The most common target bond utilizes pure Indium
metal as the bonding agent.

Silver epoxy – The silver filled epoxy bonding cements are high
quality products. They contain over 90% of high purity silver for
optimum thermal and electrical conductivity.

Material Metal、Compound、Alloy(wt%)
Purity 99.5% ~ 99.9999%
Size 2”、 3”、 4”、 6”
Thickness 3mm、6mm
Cu plate bonding Yes No
Keeper Yes No